Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Some Family Heirlooms

 French striking clock

A description of a similar clock.

Painting by Filippo Indoni (1800–1884) of Artist's Studio. I cannot find this in the list of oil paintings in the inventory.

Similar, but the description says tripod bases.

A pair of two branch candlesticks

Later French striking clock with two candlesticks ensemble


Three porcelain tazze bearing the monogram of Carl Gottlieb Schiff (CS)

A similar white service.

Watercolour of Ernest Schiff's horse winning the Lincoln Handicap in 1910 by Isaac Cullin.  

Small portraits of Carl Gottlieb and his wife Mary Ballard Burch painted from photographs.

These descriptions appear to apply to different portraits.

The full inventory can be seen here 

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