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Waechter: Some Sundry Notes

Marie Johanna Schiff married Richard Waechter.
When Emma Schiff's husband Jacob Lazarus died on 17 January 1872 his solicitor was Dr Ernst Leonhard Waechter.

Wächter, Ernst Leonhard, Dr.jur. (Notar, geb. 24.05.1822, gest. 09.08.1901 Hamburg)

Staatsarchiv Hamburg, 731-8_A 773 Wächter, Ernst Leonhard 
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Sir Harry Leonard d'Arcy Waechter, 2nd and last baronet 
From the London "Daily Telegraph" of 7 December 1955:-
'Sir Harry Leonard d'Arcy Waechter, 43, of the White House, Suckley, Worcs., appeared before
Worcester county magistrates yesterday on charges alleging indecency and serious offences
against male persons. He was sent for trial at Worcestershire Assizes on Jan. 25 on six of eight
charges. He pleaded not guilty and was allowed bail.
'Mr. Peter Barnes, for the Director of Public Prosecutions, said Sir d'Arcy and his wife were 
joint masters of the North Ledbury Hounds and the kennels and stables of the hunt were at
their home. Various stable boys and apprentice grooms, most of them between 14 and 16, lived
in the White House.
'On their first meeting Sir d'Arcy contrived to get the youths alone, and each time followed a
similar course of indecent behaviour. Where a boy looked disgusted such conduct went to
'One of the charges, Mr. Barnes said, related to Sir d'Arcy's alleged conduct in Worcester. He
used to go to a newsvendor named O'Shea, asking him to find a boy who had been in an 
approved school or Borstal. O'Shea informed the police.
'Sir d'Arcy had told the police that he was on the Home Office Homosexuality Committee, but
the secretary of that committee, Mr. W. Roberts, had said this was not so.'
The result of his trial was reported in the "Daily Telegraph" of 26 January 1956:-
'Sir Harry Leonard d'Arcy Waechter, 43, the second baronet, the White House, Suckley, Worcs.,
joint master of the North Ledbury Hunt, was gaoled for 21 months at Worcestershire Assizes
yesterday for indecently assaulting youths employed by him and attempting to procure an ex-
Borstal or approved school boy to commit indecency.
'He pleaded guilty to five counts and not guilty to five others. Mr. Ryder Richardson, 
prosecuting, said the offences took place between November, 1951, and last July, with stable
boys or apprentice grooms.
'Mr. J.F. Bourke, defending, said that between 1948 and 1954 a great change came over Sir
Harry's character, well known as a pathological condition. In a doctor's opinion, that phase 
had passed.
'Mr. Justice Hallett said to Sir Harry: "The psychiatrist's evidence wholly unconvinced me,
because it shows that you were for some time habitually corrupting young men who came to
work for you. At the very end, in the autumn of 1954, you were trying to get fresh supplies
of boys to misuse them."
From the London "Daily Telegraph" of 17 October 1967:-
'Sir Harry D'Arcy Waechter, Bart., 55, of no settled address, admitted at Bow Street yesyerday
that he took a pork pie, sandwiuches and an egg from a cafeteria at Victoria Station without
paying for them. He told Mr. Barraclough, the magistrate: "I want to get a job - I'm tired of
wandering about."
'P.C. Douglas Borer of the British Railways' Police said that when he was arrested Waechter said:
"I was hungry." Waechter had served as a captain in the Army and had worked as a gardener-
handyman, car park attendant and porter at Caxton Hall.
'Waechter told the court that he had been hoping to go to two interviews about jobs. He was
remanded until Monday for reports.'
From the London "Daily Telegraph" of 24 October 1967:-
'Sir Harry D'Arcy Waechter, Bart., 55, of no settled address, who last week admitted stealing a
pork pie, sandwiches and an egg from a Victoria Station cafeteria, was granted a conditional
discharge for a year at Bow Street yesterday, where he appeared on remand.
'Mr. Barry Swinney, probation officer, said that since the first hearing Waechter had received 
many offers of help. Waechter was said to have been working as a gardener-handyman and a
car park attendant. He had lost a job as a porter at Caxton Hall because the work was too 
heavy for him.'

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