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The death of Johanna Wollheim, and the marriage of Ludwig Wollheim

Johanna Wollheim

This was a surprise: the death certificate for Johanna Schiff, née Wollheim. The surprise being that it states that she professed no religion at the time of her death. Dated 13th May 1876, it gives her birthplace at Lissa, now Leszno in Poland. It states, as we would expect, that she was the wife of Leopold Schiff, and the daughter of Jacob Wollheim and Nanny Löwenthal. Her mother is variously named in the records as Nechle, Nechama and Nägele, obviously all variants, reflecting Yiddish, Hebrew, German and assimilatory influences over time.
I am at present unable to decipher and thence translate all the handwriting in this document.

Ludwig Wollheim

A marriage certificate, the husband being Ludwig Wollheim,and I think it reads that he was a merchant in Trieste, born 9th July 1830, and the son of Solomon Wollheim and Enrichetta Bernheimer. He married Helene Weissweiller in Frankfurt on 29th April 1864. She was born on 19th February 1840 and her parents were Leopold David Weisweiller and his wife Johanna. Ludwig was the nephew of Johanna Schiff.

I have received the following translations kindly provided by my friend Claudia Petersen of Hamburg.

Death Certificate Johanna Schiff:
No. 737
Hamburg, May 13, 1876
Today presented himself to the registrar who signed this document
The lawyer Jacob Lazarus, Dr. jur.
Living at                        Winterhude, Bellevue
And declared that his mother-in-law, Johanna Schiff née Wollheim
66 years of age, without religion (faith)
Living at                       Winterhude, Bellevue
Born at                         Lissa, having been married to the pensioner Leopold Schiff, deceased,
Daughter of the deceased married couple Jacob Wollheim and Nanny née Löwenthal
At                                 Winterhude
May 12 of the year 1876
In the afternoon at 11:45 o’clock
Read, accepted and signed
Dr. Lazarus
The registrar J.W. Hansen

Wedding register
April 29, 1864
Wollheim, Ludwig, merchant from Triest, born at Triest on July 9, 1830, son of Salomon Wollheim and Enrichetta Bernheimer, both deceased,
At the margin: Banns put up April 2, 1864, fol. [foglio] 135
Weisweiller, Helene, cancelled from the association of citizens [?];
Born here on Feb. 19, 1840,
Legitimate daughter of the local citizen and merchant Leopold David Weisweiller and his wife Johanna née Ellissen [Ellißen]
Were married here civilly
Friday, April 29, 1864.
Witnesses were:
1.)   Julius Löwengard, citizen of our town and Director of the German Phönix [fire insurance company]
2.)   Dr. jur. Michael Manhayn, citizen of our town and lawyer

Ludwig Wollheim, as bridegroom
Helene Wollheim née Weisweiller
Dr. Manhayn as witness [1800-1878, Frankfurt, Member of the Constituent Assembly in Frankfurt 1849/1850, Member of the Parliament of Frankfurt 1851/ 1854-1858]
Julius Löwengard as witness [Julius Löwengard was the founder of the German Phönix in Frankfurt.]

For attestation: D. Schrader, Dr. [I guess, not easy to read]

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