Friday, 16 February 2018

Samson Schiff: SIlversmith

Zur Geschichte der Juden in Offenbach am Main: Von den Anfängen bis zum Ende der Weimarer Republik

Klaus WernerOffenbach am Main, 1990

Another chance discovery, and some illumination as to the training of my gt gt gt grandfather Samson Schiff. Some points:

1. He too seems to have retained his surname of Schwalbach till quite late, before the final adoption of Schiff.
2. This must be him. Born in 1807, He would have been 18 when he worked with the silversmith Johann Adam Bercke in Offenback from 16 to 29 April 1825, then the following day, 30 April 1825, he worked till 6 June 1825 with another silversmith in Offenbach, Johann Christoph Schramm.
3. At this time Offenbach belonged to the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt. It is extremely close to Frankfurt, on the opposite bank of the river Main, and over eighteen hours on foot from Mannheim.

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