Monday, 16 January 2017

Schiff Research Resources

I have placed many of my files and much of my research on the internet. Eventually no doubt it will all be lost, but meanwhile the work will be available in various ways.

1. is the home page for much of my work, chiefly sites that I have created in order to share all my research, including the Schiff, Finzi and Teglio families.

2. This site,, is all the material I have so far written up during my research into my mother's ancestors.

3. This is the link to my Dropbox folder containing all the research materials I have accumulated about my mother's ancestors, especially the Schiff family.

4. A vast number of files that I collected and created over the past twenty years are available at Mega. They are here:
a. Italy
b. Teglio
c. Trieste

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