Monday, 24 October 2016

"Victoria: The Enduring Legacy of Lady Alexander"

I recently purchased from America a copy of this book by Denise Buese. It can be purchased directly from the author at It is very expensive, especially as postage costs are now so high. However, I am delighted to have my copy, and Denise Buese has done some impressive research. Strangely the book has no credits whatsoever, no copyright details, no ISBN number, which is a pity as it makes it very difficult to trace. Although primarily targetted at those who are interested in historical dolls, it does provide useful information on the doll's original owner, her parents and her life.

The cover of Denise Buese's book

There is a portrait of Carrie that I would guess was painted by Alessandro Ossani in 1874, when a portrait was painted by him of her brother Sidney Schiff.
Carrie Schiff c. 1874

The account of Carrie Schiff's life is interesting, and pretty much accurate. The author covers her mother's divorce from John Scott Cavell, the Schiff family's lifestyle and travels, Carrie's life in Faversham with her husband, a doctor and mayor of the town who was knighted, and the raffling of the doll in 1943 to raise funds for the Red Cross.

Carrie Schiff c. 1890

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