Friday, 1 January 2016

The Other Side

Sydney Schiff's final book was "The Other Side", published in 1937, and dedicated "To S. S. Koteliansky". Curiously, although Schiff had been a good friend and supporter of Koteliansky in the early 1920s, in 1926 Koteliansky turned on Schiff in a similar manner to Wyndham Lewis, and the friendship suffered in consequences. This may have been an attempt by Sydney Schiff to mend the relationship.
The book covers the period of Sydney Schiff's American adventure in the 1880s. He went to Alberta, Canada, in 1887, before joining his uncle Charles in Cincinnati. He married in haste in 1889, and returned with his wife to England in 1890.
The book starts with his voyage across the Atlantic...

I have just discovered that 'The Other Side' is included in later editions of 'A True Story'. I have three editions:
1. 1933 reprint by "Crown Constable" of the 1930 edition. This does not include 'The Other Side'.
2. 1948 edition by The Falcon Press, with the statement: "A True Story was first published in 1930 and comprised three novels and part of a fourth, all of which had appeared separately under different titles. These were published in French by Gallimard in 1935, 1936 and 1938 respectively.
The present new edition, revised by the author in 1944, includes a fifth volume which was published in 1937, and an epilogue that has not previously been published."
3. 1958/1965 published by Dent and Sons in London, and Dutton & Co in New York in 1965. This appears to be the same as the 1948 edition, but I should suspect that it was edited by Violet Schiff.

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