Sunday, 4 October 2015

Leopold Schiff: a letter to Hamburg

From time to time I search for letters on eBay sent to Emma Lazarus, née Schiff. She saved all her copious family correspondence, but sadly after the deaths of her and her sisters, her possessions were presumably dispersed, including all the family letters, each carefully annotated with dates of sending and reception. Sadly, it is only the envelopes that survive. The letters they contained have all vanished.

Yesterday evening one of my occasional searches produced an envelope sent from Trieste on 4th June, 1872 addressed to Leopold Schiff, staying with Dr Lazarus. The envelope is not annotated by Emma Lazarus, of course, as the letter was not addressed to her but to her father, who was presumably by now living with his daughter and her husband: he died in Hamburg in 1874 aged 76 or 77. I imagine his correspondence was preserved by his daughter.
Letter from Trieste to Leopold Schiff in Hamburg, 1872

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